Narrative Coaching

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About this course


If you had to choose one coaching ‘approach’ this should be it. Narrative practice is a fresh approach to coaching, organisation development, counseling and other areas of professional helping. How come? Sorry for the big words but ‘narrative’ can be said one approach because it makes much more of epistemology than ontology.



More than a coaching model, it is perhaps best described as a worldview – A worldview that once thoroughly understood will give you the competency to work across professional helping fields (coaching, counseling, facilitation, consulting) and across different genres (executive coaching, performance coaching, and more)

[accordion_toggle title=”For whom is this course relevant”]Coaches, Psychologists, Counselors, HR & OD practitioners, Motivators, Clergy, Managers – Anyone working with and serious about understanding human behaviour – In this case as stories we perform.[/accordion_toggle]
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  • Come learn why a narrative approach is such a shift approach.
  • Discover how your own story influences the way you see things around you.
  • Discover how to work with clients’ stories (even if they say they’re not storytellers) and how it shapes their reality.



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Beware that this course is a challenging as it will surely topple taken for granted beliefs!