GROW Coaching Model

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About this course


If you were to start your coaching journey, where would you begin? Often hailed as the first coaching model it is simple and robust. It is perhaps closest to the basic ideas of coaching, namely, Where am I (or, are we) going? Where am I now? How do I get there?



This is so simple that it is often, and sadly so, used simplistic. There is much more to this model than meets the eye, or than the way that it might easily be used too rigidly as novice coaches do.

[accordion_toggle title=”For whom is this course relevant”]Coaches, Psychologists, Counselors, HR & OD practitioners, Motivators, Clergy, Managers – Anyone working with and serious about understanding human behaviour.[/accordion_toggle]
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<li>Learn why this coaching model is so popular</li>
<li>Come find out, how to do it right</li>
<li>Your practice will be more accountable and you will be a better practitioner for it (if you take it to heart).</li>


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<blockquote><strong><em>The one coaching model you should have a grip on. It’s not too difficult for use by a novice and it can also accompany you up to becoming a master coach.</em></strong></blockquote>