Coaching Genres (Fields of Coaching)

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About this course


Have you ever wondered what really separates the one area of coaching from the other? If you are a coach can you do all types of coaching? Are you allowed to?



‘Genres of coaching’ refers to the common fields or areas of coaching. Some include executive coaching, performance coaching, business coaching, life coaching, and many more.

[accordion_toggle title=”For whom is this course relevant”]Coaches, Psychologists, Counselors, HR & OD practitioners, Motivators, Clergy, Managers – Anyone working with and serious about understanding human behaviour.[/accordion_toggle]
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  • Avail yourself of all the kinds of coaching available.
  • Be more confident in knowing exactly what it is that your are doing.
  • Discover what boundaries are there that really differentiate genres and which ones are superficial.
  • Your practice will be more accountable and you will be a better practitioner for it (if you take it to heart).



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It’s often agreed that we can’t do everything. More over we shouldn’t do everything. Deciding on what it is that you are actually doing in your coaching will prove to be very valuable in obtaining clients, developing a portfolio, and having laser sharp focus. This course helps towards making such as decision.