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Coaching is about unlocking what gets you or your organisation stuck; those things that inhibit transformation, meaning and achieving your goals. It could involve counseling, but that is not the goal. Coaching has many faces, to name but a few: life coaching, business coaching, corporate coaching, skills coaching, and team coaching.
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Facilitation loosens up groups’ ability to work creatively and honestly together towards a group determined purpose. Facilitation processes could revolve around, for instance, strategy development, team conflict, and new product brainstorming. Facilitation represents a decision-making style that has become imperative to modern society; to the extent that arguably any kind of change process will fail in the absence of this particular way of being together and going forward.
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Consulting is about more involved processes and involves focused and rigorous inquiry. Often consulting serves as a route into pivotal facilitation events or it results from these events. It could involve things such as cultural analysis, strategy and change implementation. In the way we do consulting often facilitation, coaching, focus groups and so are part of the process.
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  • Does your strategic plan give you the competitive edge?
  • A strategic plan that flows from strategic vision.
  • Striking a balance between change and stability.
  • Dealing with management resistance.
  • What makes teams effective?
  • Probing team issues before they become problems?
  • Enhancing team dialogue.
  • How motivating is your organisation?
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You are the primary author of the success of your life and that of your organisation. Will you take this responsibility?