Promotion information terms and conditions

Good there,

My name is Elmo Pienaar and I am looking forward to meeting you. Thank you for your interest in the current promotion offer. For recognition purposes find below the accompanying image and some clarification notes.

ep-promotion-1610aOFFER: Free electronic/online coaching, counselling anywhere in the world via technology
DURATION: Has to be taken up before 15 November 2016 (Time zone: UCT +2)
END: All coaching, counselling should be concluded by 30 November (UCT +2)

  • The format of engagement is restricted to Mobile/Desktop App (Application).
  • The amount of sessions should be not more than three and has to be concluded in November. A first general
  • The session duration will not be more than 30 minutes per occasion. Although outside of the scheduled sessions you are welcome to use the platform (application) and I will then answer/engage as time permits. I may do the same, such ‘check-in’ sessions should be no more than 10 minutes.
  • The language of engagement should be English of Afrikaans.
  • A counter-performance is requested but not compulsory such as to like any one of these Facebook pages: Company page Telling Outcomes or my private practitioner page
  • Promotion is only extended on a first come first serve basis. In other words, sessions are only available based on what my diary dictates
  • Promotion is only valid for new/first time clients

Professional services will absolutely adhere to and is subject to all ethical professional considerations and a standard coach-coachee/ counsellor-counsellee contract will be filled out.

YOUR BENEFIT: Free professional service offered from a credible provider as coach, specialist counsellor, facilitator.

PROVIDER’s REASON/BENEFIT: Trial of online technology through a particular mobile/desktop application.
TO DO: Please email me, Elmo Pienaar, at referencing current promotion code 1610A


  • Internet access: It should be clear that you will need internet access on your mobile device or desktop and that such interaction will take place on a trusted application that you will download for your mobile device free of charge.
  • Video: Video chat may be a possibility as this is something that I want to try out. But it has to happen through the application.
  • Typing: Text based communication will be the standard format for this promotion. Clients should be relatively comfortable with typing. The faster you type the more the benefit will be. Typing does not need to comply with grammar, spelling and style considerations. That is not the point!