Personal and Corporate Coaching, Counselling, and Facilitation

The helping agencies I work with include  coaching, specialist counselling, mentoring and facilitation

As a professional helper (doing coaching, counselling and facilitation) I see myself in the broader description of being a collaborator (in which intentionality is a key aspect). There are a number of things I don’t quite do (either not at all or certainly not in the first instance): I don’t prescribe (I’m not a doctor), I don’t judge (I’m not a Lawyer or a Judge), I don’t tell (I’m not a teacher). I’m also not a Wizard. I  collaborate professionally in crafting the life, relationships or organisation you see for yourself.

More closely defined I get together with individuals, families, teams and organisations around coaching, counselling, and facilitation. My consultancy is Telling Outcomes through which I do most of my corporate work. The big idea there is ‘Organisational-/ and Workforce Optimisation.’ I’m also involved up to doctoral supervision level in what I call Industrial-/ Organisational Practical Theology and host a number of programmes or courses on professional helping (advanced coaching, leadership and management, narrative arts practices, and others)

Let me share your business: My Achilles heal (or my strong suite; I’m not sure) is that besides people I also love business (business coaching, that kind of thing). If it goes well with your business, it’s likely to go well with your life. If you would like to stay on top of just about everything go like the Facebook page @elmopienaarassociates. If you have something valuable to share, I share it from time to time with the community. So did you know that if we’re connected you can also post on my website as an informal associate and I try make those posts as super search engine friendly for you.

Where I do coaching and counselling from

Facilitation usually requires being at the premises of the organisation. If not for consulting or facilitation I choose to work and am situated in Centurion, Pretoria covering most of the Pretoria East suburbs. As such I counsel and coach in Irene, Cornwall hill, Waterkloof, Garsfontein, Elarduspark, Eldoraign, Pierre van Ryneveld, and nearby areas.



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Sharing ideas

Let’s collaborate on some ideas:

Elmo Pienaar Personal and Corporate Coach, Counsellor, and Facilitator
Management Leadership


Just how intentional are we?

Contrary to what one might think organisations are not intentional, least of all about those aspects that go beyond the first bottom line of profit, namely, planet and people. Among all the helping roles I see myself as a professional collaborator. Collaboration is far from coercion (rife in some organisations) but similarly it is far from being airy-fairy. The key therefore is ‘What should we be intentional about and how do we collaborate on that in a way that values everyone’ contribution towards the long term success and sustainability of the organisation?’

Organisations in my experience follow autopilot. They follow the scripts and taken for granted ideas and practices of conventional ways of running organisations and management practices. It is not that it doesn’t work, it does. For whom it works depends on a number things. What contemporary life has showed us however is that we should think differently (and it is far too late for many), that there are other options and that an organisation cannot expect to reap rewards of innovation if everything else, the very structures, policies and people practice, works against the tide of innovation. Organisations wanting to innovate in old wine skins (proverbially speaking) find themselves in all kinds of difficulties.

Journey with me as we explore what it means to be intentional for organisations, leaders and managers and look at both conventional and counter-intuitive thinking about organisations.

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For organisational work

Leadership and Behavioural Coaching | Corporate and Executive Counseling | Learning & Workshop Facilitation | Narrative Organisational Development


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I can help you…

understand the behaviour that you see in your organisation and deal with it effectively where stories are lived on the ground in teams/groups and on individual level