Elmo Pienaar (PhD)

Let’s G(r)O(w) together

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I would be honoured to collaborate on what matters to you.

For the past fifteen years I have been helping people reach for want they want in their personal lives, relationships or organisations. I am qualified as a pastoral family therapist (PhD) and am involved on a high level of presenting advanced coaching training. I have extensive facilitation experience. I believe strongly in mentoring practices in which I have had the opportunity to assist in writing policy. It will be my honour if we could work together in any one of the following ways.
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Counselling services span a wide range of matters. These include family concerns, working with couples, anxiety and depression, and other areas. Click here for counselling services.

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Coaching and mentoring

As a narrative coach I can work with diverse areas across personal and organisational matters. These include life and collaborative business coaching, executive and leadership development themes, behavioural, performance, management, organisational diversity and culture and others. Click here for coaching and mentoring services.

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Facilitation and group dymamics

Facilitation as a profession is geared towards groups or teams or even up to working strategically with departments or whole organisations. Click here for facilitation related services.

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Organisational and corporate

Organisations become the area of application for the mentioned professional helping agencies (coaching and other) particularly when large scale change or strategic internventions are required. Included are formal research capability, strategic workforce optimisation and consultative or participative insight generation processes. Please email me for inquiries. Please email me in this regard.

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