Online coaching and counselling services

Hi, thank you for considering my online coaching and counselling services. Online coaching and counselling services involves a global view of skilled-/ or professional helping. It could involve any one or even all of the following: Email correspondence, direct- /instant messaging through mobile or desktop apps, via telephone or mobile phone, through typical video facilitation software such as for conferencing.
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Online coaching and counselling services with Elmo Pienaar (PhD)
Online coaching and counselling


Reasons for online coaching and counselling services

There are many reasons why an online approach makes sense and why it has become possible.

  • Confidentiality: When the focus is on counselling related concerns it allows people to get help while maintaining a sense of above-and-beyond confidentiality or loss of face.
  • Cost effective: Coaching executives don’t always have time to travel and meet up. In addition to traveling costs for both coach and coachee, (traveling)time is money.
  • Different relationship type: As agreed between the parties it allows the coach to ‘drop in’ with the coachee much more frequently with shorter session duration. This also makes it ideal for retainer type professional relationships: To go over that game-plan right before the board meeting; To reflect and learn from events that transpired on a particular day.
  • Benefits of technological advances: This aspect speaks for itself. While we are not yet at Start Trek like beaming technology, tech is now placing anyone basically on their lounge all over the world.

What is online coaching and counselling services like?

I don’t elaborate here on the technology requirements. Many people are still technology averse and part of the reason for that is that technology do sometimes let us down. The experience itself depends on the chosen communication means (video, mobile, messaging and so on). For the rest there are things that are exactly the same but also fundamental differences. There are some drawbacks but also things that work out better because we have the internet, documents (if relevant) right under our finger tips.

Both the coach and coachee might find themselves in different places but always as scheduled and within the boundaries contracted. Payment is made via a secure digital commerce gateway such as PayPal (for global work), or regular domestic Electronic Funds Transfer if in South Africa. You schedule an appointment with me as the coach or counselor for a particular date and time and ‘show’ up. There should be enough information available online about the coach or counsellor for you to feel comfortable with the person. The both of you still give your undivided attention and it is subject to all ethical good practice principles that exist.


Coaching and counselling practice venue

For most of the online coaching and counselling services you will find me in the Centurion, Pretoria East area, South Africa (See here). Other than that I’m all over the world, particularly at around GMT/ UTC+2 cities as it offers the most natural feel for both of us. Click on the map or see this one for an even larger view

Online coaching and counselling services at round about GMT/ UTC+2
Online coaching and counselling services at about GMT/ UTC+2

By TimeZonesBoyOwn work, CC BY-SA 4.0,

There are various time zone resources available. Or, ask me if you are unsure. I’d be more than happy to speak to any hesitation you might have.

Make an appointment or discuss further

Make and appointment here or email me via the ‘Contact/connect tab’ for more inquiries. I’m also willing to set up a short 10 to 15 minute free interview to see if this will work for you.