Narrative practice and the arts

The arts offers a rich resource for helping us understand and do narrative work

Best of all, you don’t necessarily have to be an artist, musician and more to benefit from the journey.

Please ask questions in the section below, from the context of your organisation or personal life. I will gladly respond to those considerations as part of the journey.



Narrative practice (for therapy, coaching, consulting) and the arts

(brought to you by Coram Deo Pastoral Centre & Scriptorium Research and Storytelling Centre)




  • Narrative therapists wanting to enrich their practice
  • Arts based therapists wanting to learn more about narrative therapy
  • Life and personal development coaches
  • Psychologists
  • Social workers


  • Employee Assistance Program directors and managers
  • Corporate Counseling departments
  • Organisation Development and HR practitioners
  • Leaders in Change and Transformation


The course is presented two times per year.

12 – 15 April 2016 | 13 – 16 September 2016


While narrative practice, (such as for instance narrative therapy) is a fairly uncomplicated approach it remains difficult for many practitioners since its not a recipe but rather a way of looking at the world and people (individuals, family, teams, organisations).

Towards the purpose of really gaining insight into narrative practices, the arts offers a rich resource in helping us better understand and apply the ideas for various purposes (be it, performance appraisals, change and transformation, therapy, coaching and more). However, not all approaches in the arts therapies resonate with the ideas underpinning narrative practice.

Narrative practice moves away from prescriptions and mechanical ways of conceiving of the world. It offers a ‘certified human’ approach to dealing with the things that people go through as individuals, in families/teams/groups, or change and transformation processes in organisations.


  • Learning from amazing metaphors in the arts
  • Visual arts (such as fine arts, media, film, design, photography, even just stick drawings)
  • Literary arts (stories, poems)
  • Movement arts (dance, drama)
  • Sound arts (music and other)
  • Crafts and easily accessible general creativity ideas
  • Reflective practices
  • Narrative and Arts for change processes (organisations, groups, families)
  • Other
  • I bet you have never had an assignment to go watch a movie?! (For corporate groups this becomes a team building in a way


Dr Elmo Pienaar is well familiar with challenges that those in corporate and personal settings face. Having journeyed with many individuals and families, and also having thorough exposure to the business environment he is well suited for the task at hand. Apart from being the creative arts director in a macro congregational setting for many years he personally plays several instruments. He is formally trained as a pastoral narrative family therapist, currently a researcher and research programme leader for Organisational Praxis in Practical Theology (University of Pretoria – UP), developed the Advanced Course in Personal and Corporate Coaching (CE@UP), doing and executive MBA, and founder of various businesses. He serves on the South African chapter of the International Association of Facilitators and is a lead facilitator at an organisational consultancy particularly employing narrative ideas.


Coram Deo Pastoral Centre, 457 Lea St, Waterkloof Glen, Pretoria, South Africa.


Fee: R950 (for the entire journey), or R350 per learning event

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