Jun 28, 2011 in Spirituality

Lifeline or lifeline – which do you rely on?

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ABOUT: This post is written as part of my YouVersion.com notes
CONTEXT: It was published while doing the Reading Plan for the gospel of Matthew
SCRIPTURE: The story around Matthew 20:30

The sheer persistence of the blind men catches on to me. Above the rumble of the large crowd and in spite of the rebuke (of not just a few, but the crowd) they shout: “Lord, Son of David, have mercy on us!” Quite frankly, the crowd did not know what to do with them interrupting the festivities with their blindness.

It is important to realise that these men had nothing going for them. For them there was no lifeline other than what they new about who Jesus was. Being blind indicated that they did not have the favor of God according to religious custom and was probably ostracised as a result thereof.

Maybe we’re now better ‘able’ to hear their cries and understand what it’s all about: Socially cut-off, religiously judged sinful and unfavored by God, financially broke and so with nothing to loose and everything to gain they say (and this is what their words theologically in Matthew mean). You are our utmost superior and benefactor/owner (Lord). You are truly he that the scriptures fortold as the one that will save us (The messianic phrase “Son of David”) and we know that the only thing that we really need above all else is your underserving kindness (mercy) – since you are the Messiah for whom we can offer nothing even if we had the means to do so. We know you can (!)

Lord, Son of David I have so many lifelines: The capability of working, access to medical care, clothes, a community, possessions of great earthly value. Maybe I can sell these and give it away as you instructed the rich man and will I then be in a position to really understand and be challenged to trust only on you.


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