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University of Pretoria short course in

Leadership and Management (the narrative contribution)

This course is scheduled to take place three times per year | Estitmated at: R4500

If presented in-house the per-employee cost comes down and it can be customised (please inquire)

Dates: The standard dates for 2017 will be more or less aligned with this year’s dates that took place 15-17 February 2016 | 23-25 May 2016 | 5-7 September 2016. It is not set for 2017 yet.

It will cover various leadership and management theories that will lead into the value contribution of narrative practice in the organisational space.

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Things are not as they use to be and in this regard there are still many who try to cut the tree with a hammer. It does not matter if it is a hammer from ‘heaven’ (figuratively speaking), the tree is not going down… anymore. With the irreversible change towards a postmodern paradigm, the Narrative Leadership and Management approach contributes greatly to the understanding of the identity as something dynamic (a story) of the leader and manager.

This awareness has a bearing on a number of things: leadership style; approach to managerial tasks and the environment, to people, activities, information and resources. It is effective in a vast range of central or unavoidable scenarios from handling difficult conversations (on individual or team level), creating an engaged culture, being fit for change, managing strategically and more. While positive about a particular understanding of systems thinking it is a well established further development beyond it.

Course Content:

  • The most recent scientific contributions in the field of leadership and management
  • Understanding the impact of postmodern culture on organisations
  • Working with social structures, adaptibility, and generativity.
  • Adopting Narrative* Practice, which is more than just storytelling
  • The narrative leader

*Narrative is not about telling stories, per se, but based in the work of social scientists having noted that we implicitly organise and maintain our lives (therefore also our organisational realities) through stories (for instance, individual stories, group stories, corporate stories)

Course Leader: Dr. Elmo Pienaar

Learning Outcomes:

Participants who are involved in leadership and management will be equipped to lead and manage in a narrative manner and will be doing so from a position of knowing what the latest research indicates.

When should I enroll?

Enrollment is always open for the next date!

You can email Nthabiseng, the course co-ordinator nthabiseng.mokoka@ce.up.ac.za or send me, Dr Elmo Pienaar and email via the contact form.

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