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Alan Bester

Sonya, thank you for the references. I will certainly have a look.
Spiritual direction is a useful term and is used in some sectors, but does it limit the scope? Much depends on what you would consider the role of the chaplain to be. Would, for example, intervention, be covered by the term direction?
Yes, sources of information on spirituality in EAPS is limited but there is a wealth of information on spirituality in the workplace, including secular journals which have devoted entire issues to the subject. For an example have a look at, Neal, J. & Biberman, J., 2003, ‘Introduction: the leading edge in research on spirituality and organizations’, Journal of Organizational Change Management, 16(4), 363–366.
I have also had to look at the place of spirituality in other organisations, such as hospitals, and then apply these to corporate EAPs.
I’m sending an email to the study group, and hopefully we will get a few more participants on board.

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