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Sonja Van Wyk

Hi Alan. Thank you for the feedback and resources.
From my literature study so far, I have to agree with you that spirituality and religion need to be separated. The trend seems to be in workplace (& EAP) to refer to the more ‘broad and inclusive’ (depending on the perspective) term of spirituality, which might make your job more difficult. Perhaps you will need to create a new terminology to help you position yourself :). I’m aware e.g. that SAPS refers to Spiritual Services. I like that, and to me that could include chaplains/pastoral counsellors, and I’m thinking a new focus on a new category of spiritual workers that can do Spiritual Direction?What do you think?
I found another article that may be very useful for you: The history and future of training faith leaders to participate in Employee Assistance Programmes, Leepo Modise & Christina Landman, Research Institute for Theology and Religion, University of South Africa. Somewhat related, I found a UNISA M dissertation, PERCEPTIONS OF PERSONNEL ON POLICE SUICIDE AND THE ROLE OF A CHAPLAIN by Sello E Mabe informative.
The EAP resources iro spirituality is also very scarce, I’ve only found two by Csiernik & Adams, so I spend a lot of time looking at spiritual issues in the sub-domains of EAP, e.g. social work, counselling, etc to help me understand how spirituality can be incorporated in the EAP.
Lets continue digging 🙂

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