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      Hello everyone, the current working title for my thesis is:

      Work-family balance in premarital narrative counseling: a practical theological approach

      If you find any articles regarding above mentioned please forward it to me.

      Also if you have any corporate wellness program connections, would you mind introducing them to me as I would like to interview them for my dissertation.

      Much appreciated.

      Pieter Visser

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      • This topic was modified 7 years, 10 months ago by admin.
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      Thanks Pieter. The system is now working well and today I will invite the others to comment and register their titles also.

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      Hi Pieter (again). In line with today’s conversation. At present I’m comfortable with the title. As long as you are sure about the key concepts and the ordering in which they appear. Choosing for ‘narrative’ counseling already suggest that you’d have to have an epistemology in your research and approach aligned with narrative. That is indeed the case.

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      Thank you Elmo.

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