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      Rian Steenkamp

      Hi Guys
      I need advise please. I started off with the title being:
      Practical theological facilitation of a value driven approach to Private Healthcare.

      After our contact session however, with all your wisdom on spirituality and values, I’ve re-thought the title and came up with 3 possibilities – in essence the same – just different wording:
      • Practical Theological facilitation of workplace spirituality: a case study in Private Healthcare
      • Facilitating workplace spirituality: a Practical Theological approach to Healthcare
      • Facilitating workplace spirituality in Healthcare: a Practical Theological approach

      I’ll appreciate your feedback.

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      Hi. Remember the priority of the words matters since your title conveys where the emphasis is placed. The second one, though interesting suggests that there could be a particular practical theological approach to Healtcare. So the approach you speak of relates to healthcare and not to research (I’d be careful about that).The first one is challenging in that it emphasises a particular role, and envisioning that the practical theological can take such a formal role (facilitation being also a profession). I like where this might lead. A case study on its own would not be enough on a PhD level.

      What about ‘Practical theological facilitation of workplace spirituality in the healthcare industry’ It will require of you to formally go into the aspect of ‘facilitation’ and will involve participative action research (more than just interviews) since someone will actually have to ‘facilitate’ as part of the research.

Viewing 1 reply thread
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