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      Paul Smit

      My current working title is:
      Organisational Health, Spirituality and Human Performance
      There is still room for comments on the title, although I would prefer not to use any more theological terms in my title.
      If you have any information or comments on this title, please let me know

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      Paul Smit

      Well, I comment to myself! Working on Braai-dag on my research Proposal, I came to the conclusion that the word “potential” is a better word than “performance” to use in my title.
      Maximizing personal effectiveness requires an under-
      standing of the forces behind it—an understanding of
      individual values, choices, and behaviors. This under-
      standing enables people to know where they are, why
      they are there, and, more importantly, where they are
      going. The latter is “Human Potential” and I want to understand potential! Does it makes sense?

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      Paul Smit

      Another question regarding my title:
      Is it important to have a post title statement?

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