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      Here is my working title for my thesis:

      Viability of theological education for full-time ministry in the Dutch Reformed Church

      Any thoughts is welcome!

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      Hi Jean. Nice seeing your picture up (Not technologically limited I see). Alright so you have 4 constructs here. Would you say the ordering conveys the priority of the concepts? You could also have just said: Full time ministry and theological education in the Dutch Reformed Church. Full time (= economic and other concerns) RELATED to theological training in the context of the Dutch Reformed Church. Need your study be as specific referencing ‘DRC’ You will naturally have to account for you own social location and religio-cultural situatedness but I’m at the moment hesitant about whether in should be in the title.

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      Thank you for your suggestions, Elmo. Taking that into account, how about “Full-time ministry and theological education” as a preliminary working title?

      We should converse about how it fits into the post-fundamental framework.

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      After the recent conversation I had with Elmo and the session we had with the guys from Princeton, I would like to focus my research more on theological education, but more specific maybe the future of theological education and how it relates to bi-vocational (multi-vocational) ministry.

      Is there a way in which theology students can be prepared for more than just ministry, taking the worldwide economic state into consideration and the impact it has on congregations.

      I’m still struggling with a usable title. And this stage the title and research focusses on and contains theological education and bi-vocational ministry.

      Herewith two internet-articles that influenced my thinking:

Viewing 3 reply threads
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