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Welcome to the group-forums section. You can find the index of the forums below.
[tab title=”About forums”]

  • What: Forums are devoted to community questions and discussions (by the community for the community).
  • Purpose: Forums belong to community members as a collective so as to learn from experience or how community members, for instance, got certain things done. While, as the course facilitator/supervisor, I take part in the forums, forums are not my formal way of conveying information.
  • Vision: My hope for this section is that over time forums will create a communally derived knowledge base that covers a great scope of questions, more so than I am able to answer or have sufficient time to.
  • Terminology: 1. category forums 2. general forums (a sub-level of the category) 3. discussion or topics (which are created within forums ‘2’)

[tab title=”Making the best use of forums”]

  • Community members cannot create forum-sections, only topics (ie, ‘discussions’).
  • If you somehow do see the need for an entire different forum heading, suggest it to me.
  • Community members can/should ask questions by creating discussions/topics within forums.
  • When submitting topics, being specific helps. If it is a statement, short and provocative is good. Particularly around administrative matters ask specific questions. Aim for brevity in the topic title-question. Elaborate below the topic.
  • One question per topic
  • While participating, remain on-topic and help others remain on-topic.
  • Replies should be short [leave the lecturing to me ;)].Reply more, not in longer sections.
  • Be helpful and show participants where in the forum (or the website or my blogging/ post section) they can get the necessary information.
  • Only register new topics or discussions if it does not already exist (but do note, you’re welcome).
  • When you go out to look for information be sure to come back and share your ‘know-how’ with the community.



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