Genres of coaching

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About this course


Courses presented under the ‘genres of coaching’ banner take a look at different settings, contexts, themes (genres) of coaching. There are a great many genres, for example, leadership or executive coaching, business coaching, life coaching, performances coaching, even marriage coaching.



Nowadays there seems to be coaching for just about anything. It creates a heap of confusion in practice and theory. People sometimes also refer to things as coaching when they should be referring to what they do rather as as teaching, counseling, act as managers, and so on. These courses can help with ‘un’cluttering the conceptual mess while at the same time taking a good look at some of the genres of coaching.


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  • Know when it is relevant to put yourself forward as a coach versus other ways of interacting.
  • Develop a thorough knowledge of the specific* genres of coaching in question
  • Practical tips and tools that people use in this genre of coaching

* This changes from time to time please subscribe below to stay up to date with which genres are covered next.



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