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Ecotone HeaderAn ecotone is a transition area between two biomes. It is where two communities meet and integrate. It may be narrow or wide, and it may be local (the zone between a field and forest) or regional (the transition between forest and grassland ecosystems).

An ecotone may appear on the ground as a gradual blending of the two communities across a broad area, or it may manifest itself as a sharp boundary line. Wikipedia


Welcome to the ecotone!

You are invited to attend our Reinventing Organizations event (below) and become part of the ‘Ecotone – Business Learning Community.’ There are at any one or all four half day learning intensives on various organisational subject matter. It includes areas such as leadership and management perspectives, themes like the Project Management Office (PMO), to Coaching, to Workplace Spirituality, Values, Stories, unique perspectives on Stragegy and more.

Borrowing the name from another discipline – the name, ecotone, suggests these events constitute a unique business learning community between various disciplines.

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Ecotone events are presented in conjunction with the Postgraduate Interest group in Organisational Praxis consisting of Masters and Doctorate students from various universities and institutions, consulting firm Telling Outcomes (Pty) Ltd, and Scriptorium – Research and Story Telling Centre.



While the costs for each learning event may vary and some cases places/seats are by invitation only you can secure your presence at all four 2015 events through preregistration (see dates below). Please inquiry via the contact form.

If you wish to join for all four events in the year, I can offer you a discount. Do contact me.


All events include facilitated learning, book discount or relevant articles, presentations, latest from the community of researchers in organisational praxis, networking.

You may also wish to receive reminder notifications in your inbox from ‘Ecotone’ or ‘Ecotone-replay’ events. (2015 Dates: 6 March; 12 June; 28 August; 6 November)


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Please inquire about any of these for facilitated learning in practitioner groups or facilitative-consulting in organisations, or presentation of these pivotal ideas – by Telling Outcomes (Pty) Ltd
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Whenever, in our history humanity shifted it brought about new possibilities in our organisational models and productivity. Shifts require different structures and day-to-day operations. Certain conditions help such new organisations thrive. Many who work in and with organisations (eg. coaches, managers, HR practitioners) sense that something seems broken. The Ecotone Business Learning Community presents a space in which to learn about organizations – ‘Organisations’ being that place where a vast amount of people spend a significant number of the days of their lives. Consider with us, on 6 March (08:00 – 12:30) what it takes to Reinvent Organisations.

THEMEReinventing Organisations (More info and registration from this page)
CONTENT: Conversations and presentations related to the book Reinventing Organizations written by Frederic Laloux (free download), input from some of the postgraduate research projects, and facilitated learning in group. While the book is important to the event, the event is not about the book in isolation. More information on the book can be accessed from the registration page.
WHO: Management Leadership, OD & HR Practitioners, Culture- Transformation and Diversity Practitioners, Corporate Coaches
WHEN: Friday 6 March 2015
TIME: 08:00 – 12:30
VENUE: Main Campus, University of Pretoria, South Africa. (More detail and entry form on the registration page.)
PRICE: R1500 (Refreshments, Lunch and eBook included)
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Please inquire via the contact form
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Please inquire via the contact form



Depending on the nature and topic of the events the facilitators are Elmo Pienaar and Francois Wessels. Herewith a general introduction:

As founding consultants of‘Telling Outcomes’ (Pty) Ltd, Elmo and Francois emphasize various forms of coaching, corporate counselling, professional facilitation as effective means of leading and managing organisations and people. Herein, narrative ideas have an important role in all matters from Strategy formulation and implementation, organisational culture, team work to individual performance.

[one_half]Elmo Pienaar (Phd)
Elmo Pienaar

For the past number of years, as a research fellow at the University of Pretoria, Elmo took focus on the theme of Narrative and Spiritual Coaching in Organisational Development, comparing coaching to other practices such as consulting and facilitation. Prior to this he has been involved in profit and non-profit driven organisations and founded or developed several business.

He is doing an Executive MBA programme in aid of having established a postgraduate research community exploring the area between Organisations and matters such as workplace spirituality. He is the course leader for the Advanced Course in Personal and Corporate Coaching presented by ‘Continuing Education at University of Pretoria.’

His PhD explored the interaction between narrative ideas and the arts, covering personal to organisational settings.[/one_half]

[one_half_last]Francois Wessels (Phd)
Francois Wessels

Initially trained as a statistician, Francois spent some time in academia lecturing in Mathematical Statistics. He subsequently worked as Business Development Manager for a multinational pharmaceutical company. He has done change strategy planning, knowledge-based strategy development, market research, impact analyses and pharmacoeconomics studies. He has written the only South African text on pharmacoeconomics (Pharmacoeconomics – The Value Argument in Medicine).

He is currently involved in Social Economics (including pharmacoeconomics) and Coaching (including life coaching, team building, and cultivating communities of practice).

His MTh research investigated resilience within stories of transformation and transition. It was followed by a PhD titled ‘Narrative Reflections on a Life that Matters’ exploring how a narrative approach expand stories of significance.[/one_half_last]