May 12, 2011 in Relationships


Resonate is an electronic newsletter. It’s aim is to get you thinking, talking and doing your relationships intentionally. It’s focus is marriage but you will find it useful in a variety of other relationships you deem important. It is not just about relationships that need healing but also relationships towards better general health; that is relationships that can pack a punch back at its pressures…resilience.

Similar to many living organisms any relationship (in whatever context) that is not cared for will eventually die – unless your circumstances artificially keeps you connected that is (many work relationships, through children’s schedules and so on). However a relationship on life support is in need of intentional resuscitation before some level of spontaneity can be redeemed.

The journey is really for everybody since not even those that work with marriage daily – which is myself included (therapists, psychologists and so on) are perfect. It’s a journey for all of us!

Join the journey and sign up today for ‘Resoneer’ (mainly authored in Afrikaans).

Let’s do this!

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