Customised learning

As a facilitative-consultant and collaborative practitioner I create a space in which your team can engage purposefully with the knowledge that inform decisions as well as upacking the assumptions of  the knowledge and how it informs your intended project.

Facilitative consutling through customised learning is about making the connections.

Application possibilities

Suggested areas of application in which customised learning can be ideal.

  • Having read about the latest contribution in your field from works such as The Advantage (Lencioni), Reinventing Organisations (Laloux), Dialogic OD and more, you now want to have the exploratory conversation in your organisation to help your team or departments understand these principles and what its implications might be for the team or organisation.
  • You want to embark on a large scale project, for instance related to a merger or acquisition and need to get clarity on a number of things. You want to find out what the latest or significant sources of knowledge is, that is to inform the process (as may be relevant to organisational culture, marketing strategies and more.)

Ideal for buy-in and deep knowledge generation

Customised learning is ideal for those who understand how important buy-in is in the organisational context (irrespective of centralised-decentralised leadership and management, or whether flat-hierarchical approaches are followed).

I then present you with the latest ideas on the topic and facilitate the conversion in your team where we walk through the potential consequences of any decision for the organisation and its people.

Facilitative-consulting (with one expression being ‘customised learning’) operates from the premise that your organisation, in all likelihood has all the experience it needs to make good decisions. It also accepts that knowledge generation plays an important part in helping the team be more competent and informed in the decisions to be taken.

All customised learning is facilitated by Telling Outcomes (Pty) Ltd.