Communication notice

Dear sender, partner, colleague. I value you reaching out to me! I can give you my honest view as per various character/approach assessments that I default to being quite responsive. I have a passion for everything I do, but its a lot. Consequently I’m hesitant to undertake anything that is not part of my scope of involvement at the moment.

Due to my extensive involvement in several endeavors I cannot maintain a return communication rate of less than three business days. If I do not get back to you in five working days be so kind as to reach out again.

Email Kindly make sure that you use the correct email address for the purpose of what we have in common. If it really is important, then mark it as such. I have quite a few addresses that I have to manage although you have to know that they might well be attended to by an assistant from time to time. Note that I’m not likely to reply saying that the email reached me.

WhatsApp If you have my personal number you may WhatsApp me. Note that I don’t necessarily use WhatsApp as an Instant Messaging platform. This means that I might not initially read the notification since if it is something that I cannot attend to in the moment (with the notification gone) it will likely fall off my radar. But sometimes a notification helps to direct my attention to an email that you think I might have missed.

Mobile If you have my number you may call me during the business hours specified for our project (local or international) or if not specified, then between 8:00-17:00 SAST. Do so especially if it is something short that can be sorted out in the moment. Don’t leave voicemail. I don’t listen to it, ever.

Social media platforms While I have various social media profiles for projects and work endeavors, I don’t formally see them as official communication channels (unless specified as such on the platform). I do attend to it but if your message is important, don’t rely on it.

Schedules For some types of projects, like supervision work, a schedule of collaboration works much better in my diary. Please propose something. I really do want to help but cannot do so ‘on-call.’

Thank you for being part of my journey and for reading this notice!