Mentoring services

Diverse views exist about mentoring. Being involved on a high level of training regarding professional helping agencies which typically includes coaching, mentoring, counselling and facilitation my view is that there are two kinds of mentoring. Hence the mentoring services I offer involve both mentoring in which the aspirations and methodologies of coaching shines through and mentoring that functions even more so on relationship, trust and local knowledge. It is difficult to give names to the distinction and the distinction is not clear cut.

The important point is that mentoring operates on the basis of relationship, trust, and reverence more so than any other helping agency. Mentoring works not solely based on the advice and experience as much as on the relationship itself being the motivation for achieving success.

Mentoring is not necessarily tied to age difference but to some or other aspect or a field in which the mentee sees the mentor as having achieved success. Consequently the mentee admires the success or admirable people qualities (often both) – at least those qualities that resonates strongly¬†with the mentee’s own personal and socio-pscyhological make up.

Mentoring services

My approach to mentoring is to help organisations realise the value of mentoring:

  • Collaboration on writing local organisational mentoring policy and guidance
  • Spotting suitable mentors
  • Cultivating mentoring as part of the organisational culture
  • Onboarding of high level employees via custom built mentoring processes
  • Mentoring in leadership-succession planning and execution
  • Mentoring around potential-/ and talent development

Other services could also fulfill these objectives but proper internal mentoring can function as significant competitive advantage for organisations.