Facilitation services

Facilitation services fall into three  categories:


With facilitative consulting, professional facilitation becomes the way of learning about your organisation towards consulting ends. The notable difference being that professional facilitation acknowledges the diversity, skills and experiences of all the employer’s people as a critical aspect of the outcome. Typically it involves longer and larger processes that invovle change, strategy and organiastional culture intervention. It relates to OD work but with added emphasis on involving the people’s voices and is based on scientific knowledge of group work and collective decision-making and participation.

Session based facilitation

Session based facilitation involves specific shorter term involvement such as for:

  • workshop facilitation (diversity and other)
  • organisational training
  • meeting facilitation
  • consultative processes
  • large group participation

Learning and behavioural facilitation

In this area there is an overlap with peer disciplines such as group coaching and therapeutic group work (both of which I am capable of handling)

  • learning facilitation
  • group and team facilitation with the corner stone being relationship dynamics
  • any aspect of dealing with conflict in groups