Jul 8, 2011 in Spirituality

Hope for an unbelieving believer


How desperate the father must have been bringing this case of his son not being able to speak before Jesus. He probably tried different things throughout his life.

At last he came to the disciples. He thinks to himself: “Maybe they can heal my boy, since they are followers of that guy Jesus everybody is talking about.” But to no avail. After the disciples could not heal the boy being followers of Christ no wonder one detects skepticism. Well by this time it is rather desperation.

Here it is important to note that his desperation was bigger that his unbelief. Jesus can still do something about the unbelief but not wanting it bad enough is probably a challenge.

And so I find myself in the same boat as this father, believing but with some unbelief. This is quite a large boat I think. It is strange how we can trust Jesus for an eternal life with him – stepping from death to life when it’s our turn but not believing in this life to the max for everyday things. Maybe because death is a desperation thing as well. We realise we can do nothing about it. Here on earth however Jesus, we can sort of attend to our own things.

Our unbelief often sounds the same as this father when he says to Jesus in verse 22 “But if you can do anything,…” And then I presume Jesus has a big smile (a grin even). He repeats “If you can [do anything]?”

That’s like saying to Mr Universe. “Hey you think you can open this can?” To Mozart “You think you can play Three blind mice?”


Jesus I believe!

Now help me with my unbelief!

CONTEXT: This post was written while doing the Reading Plan for the gospel of Mark at YouVersion.com

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