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Be quick Jesus!

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ABOUT: This post is part of my YouVersion.com notes
CONTEXT: Written while doing the Reading Plan for the gospel of Mark.
SCRIPTURE: Mark 5:21-43 (The outer story – Jesus and Jairus’ daughter)

The way that this little middle story of the women suffering from bleeding (v25-34) adds to the larger outer story of the healing of Jairus’ daughter (v21-43) is just brilliant.

Haste is at the order of the day. Will Jesus get to Jairus’ daughter in time (besides the point but “who’s time” one could ask?). One can really almost see and feel the crowd pushing and pulling (can you?). Suddenly power is released from Jesus that causes him to stop – suspend his haste! Oh no, everyone thinks. Now he is definitively not going to make it (have you felt that way in your life – Jesus not being on time?). The tension reaches breaking point after the conversation (in fact the conversation was interrupted), when someone announces Jairus’ daughter is now dead.

But as we would learn later our dead ends pose a problem only to ourselves but not to Jesus when he raises her from the dead (or sleep, in His eyes).

He tells us to not be afraid and just keep believing (v36). Jesus please help me with this, to believe past my dead ends!!

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