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This page is reserved for information and conversations about interests, people, brands that I associate with. As soon as it is ready it will also link to selected associate articles. It’s a work of fusion or to me personally, a work of ‘liminality.’ It’s also an expression of Organisational Practical Theology but that is an entirely different conversation.

Follow me through the world of research, consulting, business start ups, professional helping (such as coaching), meaningful product contributions and more, while reflecting on the pro’s and con’s of liminal identity.

The idea here is not just ‘products’ or ‘selling’ as such, but life. Why is what you are doing important to you. In what way is it making a contribution to your life and those around us (even in a small way), even indirectly. I would like to invite you to see that there is a link (often indirectly) between your product and life. You might not get it at first, but what you are doing fits somewhere in a bigger picture. That answer is your purpose currency. Get yourself okay so that you can help other people be okay.

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