Advanced Coaching Course

This page is being moved and updated on, the first course in the longer advanced course series will commence on 24 February, 2020. Discounted rates apply for sectors (education, non-profit and faith based organisations, as well as individuals not sponsored by their respective organisations).

Presenting organisation: University of Pretoria
Title: Advanced Programme in Personal and Corporate Coaching
Next commencing: 24 February 2020

This is the advanced programme, consisting of four sections. Each section becomes a course in its own right if it is to be enrolled for separately. If you enroll for the advanced course as such [this page] your advanced programme journey effectively starts with the date mentioned. There are other onboarding dates also. Please inquire about other dates in the year where you can join the programme. Entering the journey now (as February 2020), participants will join the group as it was originally conceived to start with experiential narrative exposure in view of narrative coaching

Dates and structure

The programme is structured in four contact weeks. During these weeks participants will attend from 08:30/09:00 to 15:00. The group has some leeway in determining whether the contact week will continue up to the Friday at lunch or conclude on the Thursday afternoon. This depends on the content of the module and certain decisions the group will be required to make related to content and several other factors.Advanced coaching programme 2020

  • 24 – 28 February
  • 11 – 15 May
  • 3 – 7 August
  • 12 – 16 October
1415406_81822709_aCoaching is about getting on-track and making the journey. Sometimes it is an athletics track, an outer journey (perhaps ‘performance or skills coaching’).
514153_42494384_aAt other times it is not at all a performance driven track but a mountain track, an inner-journey (for instance, transformational coaching, or coaching for purpose)

ACPCC course overview

The course provides exposure to the extensive and interdisciplinary field of coaching. The advanced programme in coaching is a partnership between Dr. Elmo Pienaar (Telling Outcomes Pty Ltd), the University of Pretoria Enterprises division and the Centre for Contextual Ministry.

Some of the learning outcomes

Completing the curriculum will

  • grant the learner practical experience to be a competent coach or mentor
  • provide the learner with the competency to engage in the helping relationship in an ethical and professional manner
  • have developed in the coach working knowledge of relevant models and tools
  • enable the learner to work as a coach in a wide variety of areas (e.g. businesses, ngo’s, educational institutions).
  • have provided significant reflection on the undergirding paradigm of postmodernism, and social constructionism in relation to how this affects the coaching and mentoring relationship.


[Currently being updated]

Advanced Coaching Course Prospectus

FAQ – Frequently asked questions:

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Dates, module overview, and design of the course

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