Jul 5, 2011 in Spirituality

Acting on the Spirit

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ABOUT: This post is part of my YouVersion.com notes
CONTEXT: Written while doing the Reading Plan for the gospel of Mark.
SCRIPTURE: Mark 4:17-20

When reading this parable where would you put yourself?

I think in many parts of the world we have founded Christian religious churches where every verse (15-19) is true but not verse 20. We don’t see the results of verse 20 in our churches.

Yet we’d want to believe that we are listening to the Word (and word in this context means every instance that the Spirit of God speaks to us through whatever means). We are more of this world than we realise when it comes to the practise of doing the word.

Verse 20 is the only one that explicitly says we should ‘accept’ the word after hearing it. Acceptance implicates choice. It is only when choosing to accept that we can be containers for the growth of the seed. Acceptance to me means ‘I agree’ and ‘I’ll allow’ or ‘my will surrendered’

Notice also that in verse 20 the idea is not that of a one to one (1:1) kind of fruitfulness when hearing the word. It is as if this parable implicitly notes that the amount of fruitfulness has nothing to do with the amount of seeds sown. Rather, the container (us, the soil, the willingness, attitude, the chutzpah) will determine the multiplication.

The seeds sown in us has infinite possibilities!

So I’m challenged afresh with what am I doing with the seed that’s being sown in my life.

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