Acoustic Faith

Welcome to this unique section on my website. My work in organisations, both academically, and through things like consulting, coaching and facilitation is in some way informed by spirituality and practical theology. The intention of a practical theology (cross cultural and inter religious) in the organisational space is not about converting anyone, doctrine, or similar topics, neither is this blog. However, the more overt religious, spiritual and what I see as related subject matter is offered a more public space here.

It is a place to doubt and ‘to’ joy. My wish is for us to take part more from a narrative mode of thinking (read ‘experience’) than an argumentative mode of thinking (I’m not there yet, but this is what I want to grow in, if you want to join me on the journey). Note however that if you do take part, and I hope you do, you are saying that your experiences are open to reflection and conversation. The intended response from the reader, listener, is one of engaging through questions or appreciatively sharing short experiences. NOT sharing experiences with a hidden agenda but to help the development of another story. You shouldn’t hide your religion or persuasion but it is a crucial exercise in ‘how’ not ‘what.’

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You are welcome to join the conversation here or on the social media group:

In the past you could also join the actual originating group here in the small suburb of Pierre van Ryneveld South Africa. Wherever you are in the world, if the vision of this group finds expression locally some how or in some form, let me know. I’d be happy to contribute to something that emerges as opposed to being forced. Part of why I ‘canned’ the original expression has to do with it not taking an organic form, being too much reliant on me (or any one person). It should take the form of co-operacy, not a democracy and certainly not an autocracy.

More on background

On the facebook page you’ll find the following introduction: Acoustic faith is an open group for engaging in conversation about faith and spirituality in the context of global and diverse religions. It asks for authentic, even raw participation. For me it is mostly a work of facilitation. My own position is one of coming from a Christian background, yours might not be, I don’t mind – we love, we live, we doubt, we dare, we’re on the same rock called earth and breath air. Welcome. If it also finds expression in physically coming together to share life and meaning and create music, as it did in the past, then so be it.

Naturally the reference to ‘acoustic’ is intended to invite authentic expression. Mind that authentic is not about persuasion, or reasoning but respectful engagement, even if we differ. But yes, the metaphor of acoustic includes actual instruments such as guitar, violin, piano, and more (in whatever genre) – as an expression or our passion, purpose, doubt, tears, joy across multiple persuasions of belief. We are not politically correct as much as we want to honestly reflect (and be open to transformation)

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