Academic Profile

Academic Profile

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I am appointed as a research fellow of the University of Pretoria in the department of practical theology.
My interest lies in the overlap between practical theology and a focus on organisations. Hence matters of leadership, management, organisational culture, spirituality, values are the type of concerns that I look at. In this space I have a particular interest in what I refer to as professional practice-, or interaction modalities such as facilitation, coaching and counseling. The matter of, broadly stated, interdisciplinary and epistemology greatly intrigues me and how bureaucracy, power and on the other hand pragmatism hinders interdisciplinary work and sound epistemological collaboration in the context of ‘mode 2’ knowledge production.

My most recent speaking engagements on the latter include:
Contextuality and the philosophical assumptions of research (at the Da Vinci Institute for management leadership)

  • Understanding contemporary movements in science: a postfoundational, tranversal perspective’, at the seminar Strategic Innovations in Asset Maintenance ManagementIlifa Africa Engineers (Pty) Ltd & The Gauteng Asphalt Group of companies, Hyatt Hotel Rosebang
  • Contextuality and the philosophical assumptions ofresearch’, delivered at the Curiosita event of the Da Vinci Institute – School of Management Leadership.

On the publications page you can follow what I am busy with at any given stage. Note however that article titles may differ markedly from what is published in the end in order to keep ‘blind peer review principles’ in tact. On the other hand I welcome input on what I am busy with, helping me shape and hone the ideas presented. The publications page does not include all the publications at present and will be updated during the remainder of 2015.

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