Thank you for visiting. Make yourself at home and if you can’t find what you’re looking for, give me call. My professional interests and involvements are diverse and more fully explained on other websites. Here I would like to give you an overview in order to to point you in the right direction and letting you get to know me a bit.

I’ve been working in various aspects involving people-helping practices and organisations for about twenty years. My work has involved coaching, counselling, facilitation, consulting, managing directorships and business development.

‘Reverse Engineering the Future’ means to ask what I like my future to be like (whether in family, relationships or business). “Don’t worry about what anybody else is going to do…. The best way to predict the future is to invent it.”

Kay (1971)

My formal background is in family therapy, having obtained my PhD in pastoral family therapy at the University of Pretoria (2006), and later on being granted fellowships at several universities. Herein focusing on postgraduate supervision, research, leadership, spirituality, and many skilled helping professions such as coaching, counselling and facilitation.

In work, my two passions include family (such as in family and related therapy) and the vibrancy of organisations whether it includes strategy, culture, change, teams, conflict, employee/ human flourishing.

My predominant involvement at present (from 2017) is as the managing director of Coram Deo NPC (2003), a national pastoral counselling and narrative therapy training centre.

Through Telling Outcomes (Pty) Ltd, I do most of my people-helping or organisational consultation which includes counselling, coaching, training and similar activities. We also offer select media and marketing consultation and some specialty services linked to my interests as a director. In this my preference is to work with an non-blaming, appreciative, narrative approach while also being certified to work with habits and skills assessments in organisations. Telling Outcomes developed a coaching course that resulted from my involvement at universities as research fellow. The University of Pretoria Enterprises is accreditation partner to these coaching courses and students register at SignoPro.

Signo and Signo Professional Association (Pty) Ltd was founded from the predicament that those with quite diverse people-helping skills such as myself don’t have only one professional body to belong to. So I created one. I served on the executive boards of various people helping professions including coaching and mentoring, counselling boards, international association of facilitation, and often so on the ethics side. Signo maintains accountability portfolio’s for those who register as counsellors, coaches, and for many other helping roles. We are positive about the role of all professional bodies and promote it but something is clearly missing with many of them.

BlankBook CC renders creative media services to the public and professional members of SignoPro (for psychologists and other helping professionals). This includes registering website domains, email hosting, web development, design and related services.

I have supervised and designed courses and/or presented on diverse topics at advanced levels. Some of the courses presented include:

  • International presentation on organisational subject matter and theology
  • Reverse engineering the future,
  • Scenario planning in the business context
  • Storyography (involving narrative arts practices)
  • Several coaching courses (narrative, collaborative, eGrow, life and business coaching and many more)
  • Pastoral and narrative therapy lectures
  • Theology including stages of faith, ethics of Jesus, practical theology, faith in counselling

All this might sound very lofty but I can assure you I’m certified ‘human.’ I’ve failed miserably as much as (or more so than) I’ve had success. Yet I keep learning and invite you also to do that. I stay in Pretoria with the love of my life and our three boys from our two families, aged 12, 14, 16 – and some odd creatures.