Jul 6, 2011 in Spirituality

Rubbing shoulders with Jesus

ABOUT: This post is part of my YouVersion.com notes
CONTEXT: Written while doing the Reading Plan for the gospel of Mark.
SCRIPTURE: Mark 5:28-34 (The inner story – The woman suffering from bleeding)

While reading the larger story of Jairus’ daughter (v21-43) I felt interrupted an side tracked by this story of the woman suffering from bleeding (v28-34) until I discovered its worth to me (on the larger story I made another note “Be quick Jesus”)

Verse 24 says exactly what’s on my heart regarding how I think many of us believers and churches around the world respond to Jesus.

“A large crowd followed and pressed around him” (v.24).

Haven’t we just become part of the crowd. We’re merely rubbing shoulders with Jesus in the dailies of life. We may attend church or a believers community gathering, have bible study, sing songs about him, hear teachings, give money to the poor and more, but…

No power passes on to us from Jesus as with the woman that expectantly touches the cloths of Jesus. Have we become so stale (bland, dry) that we are now just contempt with rubbing shoulders.

You see, Jesus would know (as with the woman “Who touched my clothes?”) if our belief is right up there with an earnest intention to connect, to touch, to really trust. And, he will then…respond. “Who touched…” me?

That is the kind of connection, the kind of touch that Jesus can build a relationship on with us. But I fear, without that although our Saviour, he will never be promoted by us to something other than a contact as opposed to a true friend.

Without that kind of touch (earnest, authentic, believing, trusting even to the very last moment (read the outer story) we will always be part of the crowd that pressed around him – rubbing shoulders with Jesus.

In his vicinity but not in vision.

(This is also rubbing shoulders. Go now a touch Jesus!)

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