University of Pretoria courses

University of Pretoria courses

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Most of these courses could be presented as part of the ‘University of Pretoria courses’ portfolio. Some naturally are, while other’s you won’t find on the university website.

  • Short courses: This means that they take place within the span of a week.
  • Advanced courses: These are run over a longer period. Short- and advanced courses are presented as part of the continuing education track of the university, namely, CE@UP.
  • Under & Postgraduate courses:  Under- and postgraduate courses are often presented over several years and is not thought of as ‘continuing education.’
(I haven’t linked all the courses to their respective pages so be sure to then email me with your inquiry.)

Leadership courses

Code Title Type Info
LEA001 Leadership and Management – the Narrative way Short Course Read more
LEA002 New Economy Thinking requires New Era Leadership Short Course Read more
*Leadership and Management Courses

Professional Helping Courses

Coaching Courses

Code Title Type Info
COA001 Advanced Coaching Course Advanced Course Read more
COA002 Psychological Fundamentals of Coaching Short Course Read more
COA003 Genres or Fields of Coaching (eg., executive-, Life-) Short Course Read more
COA004 Coaching models and approaches Advanced Course (or Short course format: ‘COM001-4′) Read more
COM001 Narrative Coaching Short Course Read more
COM002 GROW coaching model Short Course Read more
COM003 Coaching with the learning cycle Short Course Read more
COM004 ‘Develop you own coaching model Short Course Read more
*Coaching Courses

Facilitation Courses

Code Title Type Info
FAC001 Professional Facilitation Skills and Theory Short Course Read more
*Facilitation Courses

Research Courses

Code Title Type Info
REA001 MA & PhD in Practical Theology focussing on Organisational Engagement Postgraduate Course Read more
REA002 Business Research Methods Short Course Read more
*Research Courses

Engagement with Whole Organisation Courses

Code Title Type Info
ORG001 Storytelling in organisations Short Course Read more
ORG002 Eight organisational change models and approaches Short Course Read more
ORG003 The killer whale organisation (the learning organisation) Short Course Read more
ORG004 Workplace spirituality and the spiritual organisation Short Course Read more
*Egaging the Whole Organisation Courses


Also referred to as ‘ThoughtScape’ on this site.

We maintain a collection of wild organizational animals, a growing zoology of big ideas. By all means approach us for work around these animals in your natural environment. We do consult but that is not the point of Syndesis. You can un-cage these animals in your organisation without our consultation, ‘it’s’ ‘on’ you.

Code Title Type Info
SYN001 The Advantage Short Course Read more
SYN002 Egonomics Short Course Read more
SYN003 Theory U Short Course Read more
SYN004 ‘Appreciative Inquiry’ Short Course Read more
SYN005 ‘Strengths’ Short Course Read more
SYN006 For special requests Short Course Read more
*In depth presentation of significant ideas

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