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Hi, I'm Dr. Elmo Pienaar. I'm passionate about the overlap between organisational subject matter and practical theology. Herein matters such as coaching, facilitation, leadership and management pertain.

"Consciously, we teach what we know; unconsciously, we teach who we are"
(Hamachek 1999:210)

Contrary to what one might think organisations are not intentional, least of all about those aspects that go beyond the first bottom line of profit, namely, planet and people. Among all the helping roles I see myself as a professional collaborator. Collaboration is far from coercion (rife in some organisations) but similarly it is far from being airy-fairy. The key therefore is ‘What should we be intentional about and how do we collaborate on that in a way that values everyone’ contribution towards the long term success and sustainability of the organisation?’

Organisations in my experience follow autopilot. They follow the scripts and taken for granted ideas and practices of conventional ways of running organisations and management practices. It is not that it doesn’t work, it does. For whom it works depends on a number things. What contemporary life has showed us however is that we should think differently (and it is far too late for many), that there are other options and that an organisation cannot expect to reap rewards of innovation if everything else, the very structures, policies and people practice, works against the tide of innovation. Organisations wanting to innovate in old wine skins (proverbially speaking) find themselves in all kinds of difficulties.

Journey with me as we explore what it means to be intentional for organisations, leaders and managers and look at both conventional and counter-intuitive thinking about organisations.


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